The Spiral Ladder

Climb over the Wall

The Good News – A Message of Hope

With so much breaking down in the world, it’s easy to become demoralised and overwhelmed, and to feel powerless as to what we can do to help remedy the situation. That sense of powerlessness is created and reinforced by people’s lack of awareness of the potential that resides in every one of us. That lack of awareness and the misconceptions about what’s possible stem from outdated scientific models that have been taught, and are still taught, in educational institutions. Previous posts such as this detail modern scientific discoveries that demonstrate how there is much unrealised potential in every individual. The following video details that and other scientific discoveries, which provide the keys for  us to, individually and collectively, make a positive contribution to the transformation of our world.

Subsequent posts will focus on elements mentioned in the video.

We have the power! How will you use it?


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