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Being Peace from the peacepact blog.

Pin pe obi
Look to the mountain top.

                                 Elder of the Native American Tewa people

Our highest potential is so huge, but it is as if we stand on the plain and have spent our lives looking at the floor; examining the tiny, mundane nuances of mud and grass and stones. If a snake slithers by we freak out, we contrive ways to avoid seeing it again, we talk about what happened to our friends, we get scared together.

One day someone advises us to look to the mountain top….it is confusing, we mutter to ourselves: “they are a fool, I live in the real world.” “If I look up at the mountain top a snake may come and bite me.” “Looking up at the mountain top is not for me, I haven’t got the right sort of eyes.” “If I look to the mountaintop who will take care of all the things I have to do?” “I’ve my own sort of mountaintops that are right here on the ground”“I don’t want to look at mountaintops, I’m quite happy looking at this bit of ground, thank you.” ..……Then something happens: maybe so many coincidences and signs you can’t ignore them or maybe something so awful you feel you have nothing to lose.

You look up.

Suddenly you are shrinking. From being the main player in a little world you are transformed into an insignificant speck, the tiniest part of an enormous, amazing panorama. It is so big you are overwhelmed; gratitude to the one who told you to look to the mountaintop fills your heart, you whisper: “thank you”.Then you realise this isn’t the mountaintop you are looking at, this is just the plain, the whole, huge plain.

You look up.

In the distance, rising from the plain is the mountain. Its majesty clad in hues of heavenly purple, gilded by the golden sun which sits behind it, it is rooted, solid and unmovable. Its beauty surpasses anything you have ever dreamed of. Awe struck you know that something so beautiful was no accident of nature; into your heart creeps the conviction that this is beyond you. You feel a loss of control. You cannot understand how something so big and wonderful could have been there all the time without you noticing it. Why no one else told you about it. Why you never learned about it at school???

You start to walk towards it. You know you are losing nothing by walking away from this little piece of mud and grass, your steps are keen and purposeful, Your eyes are fixed on the mountain’s slopes, joy fills you at the prospect of reaching the mountain and becoming properly acquainted with it.

……You seem to have walked forever and still the mountain does not appear any closer, any more accessible. You are tired; thirsty; bored. You start to think about the old, familiar place; wonder why you forsook all that you knew for this relentless toil. You think about going back but you know it wont be the same, it is spoiled. You curse the the one who broke your world open then left you so alone. He has divided you from all your old friends; they would laugh and ridicule you, if they could see you now. You glance nervously around, just in case there is someone there. You sit down. Your mind is a whirl, eddying between recriminations and whining self-pity.

A whisper in your ear: look to the mountaintop. For a moment you see yourself as if from the outside, you watch the thoughts thrash back and forth, back and forth. It’s like watching a couple have a domestic argument, each with their well established roles; familiar phrases; the known, barbed jibes.

“This isn’t helping”: clear and quiet.

Who is this that watches your mind? You move over, give them more space. You sit for a very long time, watching your mind. You notice its patterns, its ruts and its habits.

Gradually it becomes quieter, easier to manage, not so all important. You learn a new language, a wordless communication, the song of your heart.

One day you stop looking in and look out again.

You look up.

You look up at the great peak, Clouds drift past it. The heavens sit upon its shoulders. One point, high above all worldly things; reaching; lonely and inaccessible. Bridging the great divide between heaven and earth.

You breath in and the wind pulls the mists away from the mountain. You breath out and the sun lights the mountaintop up and you are the mountain and you see yourself and you pull yourself up.

And you know yourself. You know your greatest potential. You know how to move with the wind and the sun, how to flow like a river.


Now is the time to pull yourself up.

Realise your own power and use it to promote peace in the world.

Meditation has been proven to lower violent crime statistics in the area where the meditation is taking place.

Your conscious intention influences outcomes.

Your state of mind affects those around you and your perception of the world.

Your words can effect people for years.

You can change everything and anything.

Come on.

Step up.



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