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International Vaccine Information

Compiled by New Zealand-based Beyond Conformity

This list is not complete. You can find more information by checking links on websites below:

New Zealand: Immunization Awareness Society (Under construction)

IAS links page, which includes vaccine datasheets

New Zealand Health Freedom website

Australia: Meryl Dorey:

Bronwyn Hancock:

Ian Sinclair:

Greg Beattie:

Austria: Dr Johann Loibner:

Belgium: Dr Kris Gaublomme:

R. Acmanne

Brazil:  Dr Veronica Carstens:

Canada: Edda West:

Denmark: Else Jenson www.vaccinationforum.du/link.htm

Europe – general: European Forum on Vaccine Vigilance

Europe – specific:

Finland:  Immunisation Awareness Society, website:

Contact: Marja Tuomela:

Chairperson:  Jyrki Kuoppala

France: Website:

Francoise Joet:

Jean-Marie Mora

Association de victimes du vaccin hépatite-B

Germany: Libertas & Sanitas e.VMarbach (LiSa)

Colette Leick-Welter PhD

(Hans Tolzin) 

Stefan Lanka Ph.D.
Ludwig-Pfaustrasse 1B
70176 Stuttgart, Germany
Telefon – 0711 2220601
Fax – 0711 2220600
Mobil Fon – 0171 3281070

German discussion forums –

Greece: Marianne et Christian Darlagiannis

Hungary: Johannes Brunen

Israel: Dr Chaim Rosenthal

Hasson Organization — information about vaccines (Israel)

Italy:Walter Pansini

Simone and Tomas Federspiel

Giorgio Tremante (Association of vaccine victims)

Luxembourg: AEGIS Luxembourg

Netherlands and

Norway: Anette Neumann-Tingulstad:


Russia and

Russian parent site

Slovenia: Borut Mesko:

Spain: Dr Xavier Uriarte:

Sweden: Maria Carlshamre

Switzerland: AEGIS Suisse

Groupe médical de Réflexion sur les Vaccins:

Association STELIOR

A group of 800 Swiss doctors are hosting this site.

Dr. Steffen Rabe’s site.


United Kingdom: Magda Taylor:

Sheri Nakken:

Jackie Fletcher:

Lynne McTaggart :


United States of America:

Jeffrey John Aufderheide  http://vactruth.comSandySandy Gottstein 
National Vaccine Information Center: 
Cindy and Dina:
Gary Krasner:
Dawn Richardson:
Vaccination Information and Liberation South Florida Chapter: 
The Echo Foundation
Dr Ted Koren:

International Medical Council on Vaccination

Other useful information sources:

The Hadwin documents:

Essential out of print E-books from Australian Soil and Health. Make sure you PAY the voluntary library fee. Sure, they are available free, but don’t abuse the privilege:


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