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The Spiral Ladder Has Moved

The Spiral Ladder was created as part of the larger Psyclone project, a platform from which information on subjects outside the recognised boundaries of sociopolitical discourse, subjects that have been described as ‘esoteric’ or ‘New Age’, ‘fluffy’ as different from a sociopolitical ‘spiky’, could be presented. From experience it seemed that people who were interested in one were usually disinterested in the other. As I saw value and necessity in both, I decided to present both types of data independently, and did so through this and the Centre of the Psyclone blog. Another part of the project, The Centre of the Psyclone website, followed that form and was roughly divided into two sections, Problems and Solutions.

A growing personal distraction with sociopolitics meant that this blog slowly slipped into the crawler lane and eventually to a standstill. It’s been gratifying to see that despite no new content being posted up for a while, the data here has still been accessed and shared. But so it should, as the material presented here is the kind of information that will always be useful.

Now though, the project has entered a new phase, partly due to my own reorientation. Those of you who’ve read Psyclone will have seen the kind of integration that is now taking place in the space around it. In psychoanalysis, integration is recognised as ‘the process by which a well-balanced psyche becomes whole as the developing ego organizes the id, and the state that results or that treatment seeks to create or restore by countering the fragmenting effect of defense mechanisms’. I think that accurately describes what’s going on, and in fact perfectly describes what I wanted to facilitate in the collective psyche when I set out on the four year journey that researching, writing and producing Psyclone became.

The reorientation is in two parts. Firstly, I didn’t spend four years straining my eyes and carpals for nothing, and have produced a unique information resource and, I’m told, a very readable novel (as it happens, I think it is too). I’ve overcome my reticence and will from this point on be blowing that particular trumpet and directly promoting Psyclone, rather than indirectly through presenting related information through separate online outlets. Secondly, going back to that psychoanalytic definition of integration, separation and fragmentation, within or without, are states with no future. So in keeping with my original intentions for Psyclone, real-time information will now be presented from a single platform, The Centre of the Psyclone, which is also the new home of the Centre of the Psyclone blog. Over the coming months material from here will be reposted there along with much more.

I’d be glad if you’d join me there. Bring your friends.


Shyam Mael


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