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Welcome to the foot of the Spiral Ladder.

The information contained in this blog comes from the leading edge of human knowledge and concerns the development of our human potential, reflected in the image of the DNA helix, the ‘spiral ladder’.

The Spiral Ladder is a development of the Psyclone multimedia project, which started out with the novel, Psyclone, and now includes a web platform, The Centre of the Psyclone, digital and video content and other ongoing developments.

Psyclone, the novel, was written in the hope that by putting people in touch with the information in it, information largely suppressed and kept away from the masses by those in power, people could reclaim their rights, freedoms and power, and achieve their so far unrealised potential. The appendix features over 200 entries, most with Internet links to sources of the information contained in the novel.

The hardcopy can be bought and various eformats downloaded via the Centre of the Psyclone, which also hosts lots more updated information and includes streamed video content from independent digital artists.

Also up and running is the Centre of the Psyclone blog, which focuses mainly on data of a sociopolitical nature. The Spiral Ladder focuses on data of a different kind. None of the information found in any of the above will be found floating in the mainstream. As stated in the introduction to the appendix of Psyclone:

Educate yourself on the situation and potential developments, but also more importantly on your strategy options, for therein lies much hope and exciting potential. Models, data and information contained and linked to within this book can be applied not only to solve problems on a variety of individual and sociopolitical levels, but also to ‘quantum-jump’ an evolutionary advancement in ourselves as individuals and collectively as a species.

Discovering and developing our potential is the solution. You are so much more powerful than you know, politically and ‘spiritually’. Reclaiming and developing that power can create new worlds, literally. Which may sound ‘New Agey’, but is actually scientific fact. With that in mind some of the entries connect you with the leading edge work of some of the most advanced minds in the fields of science and human potential.

Because some of the information may challenge previously held beliefs and perceptions,  A Word on Cognitive Dissonance (including the information at the links provided in it) should be read next. It describes a recognised neurological process, that can prevent us from taking in challenging information.

Knowledge is power. Our ignorance is bliss to those to whom intelligent, aware and high-functioning people are a threat.

Read on.

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