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So what is Psyclone about? 

front coverPsyclone is a novel with a difference. Its function is to connect people with information that is being kept from them. It achieves this not only through the novel itself, which is packed with little-known, suppressed, and censored information, but also through an 85-page appendix that provides the reader with all the research and data sources used by the author. A dedicated website serves as an additional appendix and hosts streaming video content from a variety of radical and contemporary filmmakers and journalists.

The information in Psyclone can be grouped into Problems and Solutions. There are various groups and individuals out there who are doing an excellent job of raising awareness about the various problems we face. Knowing how things got to the state they’re in, the players in the game and their strategies is essential. Psyclone doesn’t stop there and presents scientifically tried and tested technology and techniques, and leading-edge thinking that have the potential to stimulate a radical shift individually, socio-politically and globally, and ‘quantum-jump’ an evolutionary advancement throughout the human race.

The following is a list of some of the content keywords considered for inclusion in the novel’s metadata:

Psychological Operations/PsyOps, Revolution,General Strike,Conscience Campaign, Freedom Fighters,Conscious Evolution,Human Potential, Civil Disobedience, Lawful Rebellion, Life After Death, Mind Control, Out Of Body Projection, Remote Viewing, Resistance, Suicide Bombing, Telepathy, Terrorism, Torture, War, Resistance, Cognitive Dissonance, Surveillance Self-Defence, War Profiteering, DU/Depleted Uranium, U.S. Drug Trafficking and Paedophile Prostitution, Vaccination Dangers, Mobile Phones, Celldar, Echelon, Martial Law, Grand Chessboard, London Bombings 7th July 2005, Urban Guerrilla, Global Financial Meltdown, Synthetic Telepathy, Mind Control, ID Cards, Internet Threats, Psychological Freedom, Civil Disobedience, Prozac, ADHD, Ritalin, Motionless Electromagnetic Generator, Microchips, Silver Colloid, Fluoridation, Education, Operation Paperclip, Milgram experiment, Zimbardo experiment, Shock Doctrine, Mammograms, Scalar Technology… 

As I said, a novel with a difference. Another difference is that since its release, as well as the hardcopy which has been available through most usual (and a few unusual!) channels, Psyclone has been made available by its independent publisher free in a variety of ebook formats. The reasoning behind that is the primary aim of the book, which is to connect people with important information, not making money.

2nd EditionThe new ebook-only edition has consolidated Psyclone’s function as a unique reference resource. The main difference between the 1st and 2nd editions is the presence of footnote reference numbering throughout the body text. The numbers are active hyperlinks which link to the relevant entry in the comprehensive appendix database. Each entry features a URL to an external datasource where readers can find additional and supporting data. The high level of interactivity that this enables is the essence of the Psyclone project. Psyclone is participatory. Being a spectator is no longer an option with a future. The future is in our hands.

The free download offer ends Friday.

Click here for the PDF

All formats are available through The Centre of the Psyclone


Veganism: The War We Cannot Lose!

Dr. Steven Best

This is the most powerful dialectical critique of veganism yet articulated. Dr. Best shows that, although veganism is essential to the future of all life on the planet, this potential is not being realized. He identifies the systemic flaws and fallacies that weaken our movement and then proposes a radical social and political model of veganism based upon alliance politics. The video ends with a rousing call to civil disobedience, mass resistance, and revolutionary struggle….

Occupy4Life: #revolution in the name of all species

Mickey Z @ The Fair Share of the Common Heritage

If you really wanna get technical, the land was “occupied” by plants and animals first…

Of course, the above statement relies on how one interprets the word “occupied,” but…

What’s not open to interpretation is that 80% of the world’s forests have been cut down and raising taxes on the rich won’t bring back a single tree.

What’s not open to interpretation is that 90% of the large fish in the ocean are already gone and re-vamping the Federal Reserve Bank won’t re-vitalize the oceans.

What’s not open to interpretation is that 9 billion animals are killed each year for food (sic) while 51% of human-created greenhouse gases are produced by the global animal food  industry. Instituting campaign finance reform or term limits will not slow this lethal damage.

“We all, out of necessity, focus on the issues that are most dear to us,” says Will Potter. “We have limited time, limited money, limited resources. But listen: there are times for carving out our niches, and times for doing the hard work, the messy and uncomfortable and frustrating work, of trying to connect all of the pieces.”

Maybe one of the pieces you’re talking about is rain forests being destroyed at the rate of 1 1/2 acres per second to make room for the grazing of doomed livestock.

Perhaps the topic is animal and plant species going extinct at the never-before-seen rate of roughly 150 species every 24 hours.

What about the morally indefensible and scientifically specious institution of animal experimentation and how it’s used to introduce evermore dangerous chemicals to our landbase?

Let’s say a conversation is happening around the meatpacking industry—with its low wages, long hours, and high rate of undocumented workers—having the highest job-related injury rate and by far the highest rate of serious injury.

The connection to all these crucial issues is Occupy4Life.

Climate change, justice in the workplace, torture, the health care crisis, deforestation, unjust imprisonment, an epidemic of preventable diseases, water shortages, poverty, corporate welfare, world hunger, and much more—the negative connections between human culture and non-human life must be exposed and addressed by activists of all stripes.

It’s not nearly enough to rise above the latest man-made conflicts and/or differences and proudly declare oneself a “humanist.” In the name of holistic justice and planetary rebellion, we must go deeper to identify as earthlings and stand—fists raised—in solidarity with all of our fellow earthlings.

Last week, I stood on the sidewalk at the front-end of Occupy Wall Street (OWS)—holding a sign—for about two hours. My sign read: “Mickey Z. sez: Ask not what your eco-system can do for you. Ask what you can do for your eco-system. Eco-system > Economics.”

The length of my message required passers-by to stop and read. The most common response was a cocked head, a millisecond of squint-eyed thought, and then a sincere nod.

Best of all, once they slowed down their NYC hustle, I had a chance to engage some of them in conversation, a chance to talk about a system built on relentless consumption—an unsustainable-by-definition system that won’t stop consuming even if a few important economic reforms are set in motion.

This system is built, in a major way, on the exploitation of non-human animals and the eco-system. Dark green environmentalism is an OWS issue. Animal liberation is an OWS issue. Veganism is an OWS issue.

It’s all connected within a culture constructed on the premise of unlimited growth and it must all remain connected within a movement aiming for holistic justice.

The revolution is young. It will evolve and grow. There is and will be room for all voices to be heard. For now, let’s make sure the connections between all life are made immediately; after which, all the other important details will begin to fall into place.

#Occupy4Life…it will be our legacy.